May 22, 2017

Guerlain | Terracotta Sun Trio Bronzing Contour Palette

First off, I just want to quickly say thank you to the lovely and talented, Jeanne, for gifting me this. You're the bomb (dot) com! 

Looking back at my previous posts, I've mostly reviewed Skincare products... so for today, I've decided to post my review and swatches on the:
Guerlain: Terracotta Sun Trio Bronzing Contour Palette
Can we somehow shorten the name? 
About 2-3 months ago, Guerlain launched its new bronzing and contouring powder palette. Just in time for the Summer 2017 season!

If you're wondering, it's very similar to its sister's product: 4 Seasons Palette. The main difference is that 4 Seasons includes a blush shade, this one does not. This palette is available in three shades (light, natural, and deep). Also, it has been confirmed that this palette is not a limited edition product. I am not sure why other bloggers listed it as one... but here's a clarification to any confusion you may have. 

(FYI, this palette has already been used by me when I took the pictures)  
MAIN INGREDIENTS: Since I do not have the actual box with me, I screenshot this from the Sephora's website. From the look of it, this palette is designed to retain moisture and will not dry out your skin. 
PACKAGING: It's so freakin' beautiful. The first time I received this, I was immediately in total awe of its beauty. Especially when the light hits the compact, it creates this luminous red reflection of Guerlian's signature name brand. Honestly, the whole packaging is glamorous. The luxurious packaging definitely says a lot about their products quality. 
SCENT:  I remember smelling Ylang-Ylang from one of the Belif's hand lotions... and the scent wasn't the most pleasant... but in this case, I was unable to smell the Ylang-Ylang but my nose did sense the citrus orange blossom note. Personally, the smell reminds me of Godiva's Brulee Dessert Truffle. 
© Guerlain
(Top: Highlight, Middle: Bronze, Bottom: Contour
The texture is smooth and it gives off a matte yet natural finish on the skin. I find that my beauty blender (I like to spray my beauty blender with Caudalie's Beauty Elixir) picks up the product way better than my multi-tasking complexion brush from Sephora Collection. 

In the past, many bronzer did not suit my skin because the product either vanishes into my pores or it's way too orange for my complexion. I found myself liking this palette a whole lot more than what I expected.

Although it's a matte-powder finish, it really does give me this natural bronze-y look without the harsh lines. My only downfall with this palette is the highlight. I did not notice any enhancement after I applied it on the highlighted areas of my face. BUT I was able to use it on my eyelids as a shadow base.  
Excuse my massive face on your screen, haha. This is how the palette looks like on skin with a full face done. Background info, I wore it from 5 pm - 11 pm at night and I do have Becca "Champagne Pop" on. By the end of the night, it was still on my skin. 

Now... I know what you (might) be thinking: Is Guerlain a cruelty-free cosmetic brand? After some snooping around the internet, I found this: 
I did found a couple of websites that says Guerlain is not cruelty-free. However, this is Guerlain's verified Twitter page, so I'm going to safely assume that Guerlain is cruelty-free until I'm proven otherwise.

Would I recommend this to a friend? Yes. 
Retail Price: $56 


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