June 23, 2017

Too Cool For School | K-Beauty Summer Kickoff Event

If you follow me on social media, you probably have already seen me rave about my excitement yesterday through numerous snapchats, FB live, and boomerangs on IG! 
I was invited by Too Cool For School for their K-Beauty Summer Kickoff Event in Soho, NYC! The time I attended was 6 pm - 8 pm in which it was closed to the public and only invited guests were allowed in.  
Truthfully speaking, when I saw the e-mail invitation from TCFS, I was surprised. I said to myself, "I'm invited? Me? No way."
 Never in a million years would I have imagined myself attending any of these type of events but I am thankful for TCFS for making it happen for me! Thank you! 

DISCLOSURE: This post is NOT sponsored. I am not paid by TCFS for writing this. Everything is based on my own experience at the event.

June 14, 2017

Neogen | Canadian Clay Pore Cleanser

I am back with another Korean skincare review! I'm trying my best to post more often now since I have more free time. Recently, Influenster posted a "Beach Essentials" contest and one of the activities was to share a favorite Summer essential. I immediately thought of this product and I couldn't wait to write a review on it because it's one of the best cleanser/mask I've used so far. 
I have to say, I have been loving Korean skincare a lot. I have yet to try any Korean cosmetics but I'm looking forward to soon! This product is NOT new on the market but it is new at Sephora. The packaging caught my attention immediately and then the two words "Canadian Clay" had me wanting to try it. 

So without further ado: 


June 13, 2017

HudaBeauty | "Trendsetter" & "Flirt" Liquid Matte Lipstick

If I was stranded on an Island and I could only bring 3 cosmetic products with me, I would definitely pick a lippie first, then a sunscreen and a deodorant stick. Seriously, I love trying new lip products out. Much like the perfect eyebrows, I personally feel like lipsticks can really tie your whole look together. Even if you're going for a very subtle and natural look, a nude or pink undertone lipstick can freshen up your complexion.
Be sure to wear a SPF lip balm before you apply any matte lipstick!
This will be a short review on my new lippies addition (not that I don't already have enough) :
T r e n d s e t t e r
F l i r t
L i q u i d. M a t t e. L i p s t i c k.

June 12, 2017

Sokoglam | Re:p | Hanskin | Mini-Haul Review & Mini-story on how I met Charlotte Cho

Growing up, I have always been fascinated with Korean skincare. Of course, K-drama plays a huge part in how I started learning more about the Korean culture. And I remember binge watching Full House (no shame), the main actress, Song Hye Kyo, has the most gorgeous skin ever. Her skin appeared very smooth with no texture, pearl-like complexion, and super moisturized with no fine lines! 'Till this day, she looks like she hasn't aged at all! Like seriously, what is her skincare secret

Recently, I had the chance to meet Charlotte Cho, the co-founder of Sokoglam. She hosted a meet & greet / book signing at her mini-pop up shop at Bloomingdale - Soho, New York. Oh my god, I am not even exaggerating when I say, she's the most sweetest and down-to-earth person ever. I waited about half an hour on the line and when it was finally my turn, Charlotte greeted me with a warm smile and hugged me. I took out my book and I told her my name was Mango (not my real name), and she giggled and said, "Mango? That's a first time." I wanted to talk to her a little longer but I didn't want to hold up the line so I gave her another hug and I dashed off to purchase a few items. 

My mini-haul from Sokoglam: 
R e : p. Organic Cotton Treatment. Toning P a d. 
H a n s k i n. Bio-orgin. 3-6-9 o i l. 

Featuring Charlotte's book, The Little Book of Skin care: Korean Beauty Secrets for Healthy, Glowing Skin

June 11, 2017

Belif | Peat Miracle Revital Serum & Cream

As much as I love experimenting with makeup, skincare is what I'll always look forward to at the end of my day. Just the feeling of melting my makeup and daytime skincare off with an oil cleanser already feels like a million bucks. 
There's one thing I noticed about people and skincare = it's all about quick, easy, and effective. I get it, nobody has the time to do 5+ steps at night (unlike an average Korean gal who does about 10-13 steps on a regular basis). Personally, I do about 8 steps every single night: makeup wipes, oil cleanser, cleanser, toner, essence, oil/serum, eye cream, and moisturizer (10 if I add in exfoliating and masks which I do 1-2 times a week). But that's another topic--- I do plan on doing a review on my day or night time skincare routine soon!
 This is an unbiased 100% honest review of: 
B e l i f.  P e a t.  M i r a c l e.  R e v i t a l
S e r u m.  &  C r e a m. 

For the longest time, I kept typing "Belif" as "Belief" in my search bar. 


June 6, 2017

Huda Beauty | Faux Mink - Farah #12

Previously, I did my first HudaBeauty review on my absolute favorite lashes, Samantha #7. Since I had a 3 hour gap today between my two classes, I decided to go kill some time at World Trade Center.  My first stop was (of course) Sephora. I ended up purchasing this beauty right here! I had a hard time choosing between Carmen lashes #9 and Farah. I really wanted to buy both but my wallet says no, so in the end, 
F a u x M i n k - F a r a h #12 wins. 

As some of you may not know, HudaBeauty has 4 Lashes Collections: Classic, Eazy, Faux Mink, and Mink. (Faux Mink are synthetic whereas Mink are authentic) 

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