June 6, 2017

Huda Beauty | Faux Mink - Farah #12

Previously, I did my first HudaBeauty review on my absolute favorite lashes, Samantha #7. Since I had a 3 hour gap today between my two classes, I decided to go kill some time at World Trade Center.  My first stop was (of course) Sephora. I ended up purchasing this beauty right here! I had a hard time choosing between Carmen lashes #9 and Farah. I really wanted to buy both but my wallet says no, so in the end, 
F a u x M i n k - F a r a h #12 wins. 

As some of you may not know, HudaBeauty has 4 Lashes Collections: Classic, Eazy, Faux Mink, and Mink. (Faux Mink are synthetic whereas Mink are authentic) 

When I first picked these up, my instant thought was: "these look awfully like Sephora Collection Audacious #21. Except these are much more longer." Perhaps S.C could be a great dupe? 
All of the packaging for her lashes are relatively the same. I noticed the one thing that's different about all of em' is the placing and colors of the name of the lashes. That's about it.  

For the Smantha's review, I forgot to mention that inside the box, there's an instruction paper on how to apply these lashes! Not to mention the instruction paper is also translated in Spanish and Arabic. That's so thoughtful of the HudaBeauty's team since it's perfect for beginners. 

These Faux Mink Lashes did cost me $23, which is $3 more than her regular ones. I swear, Huda's lashes are the most expensive lashes I've ever owned. And I thought Velour lashes were pricey!

MINI STORY:  I used to wear the faux mink lashes pack from Ardell (drugstore brand) and granted, they were very natural -looking but they weren't as comfortable as I thought. After Ardell, I switched over to Sephora Collection H.O.L., and I was in love with "Everlasting" for a while. Afterward, I grew tired of it and I wanted something a bit more dramatic. I had my fair share of Velour, Koko, etc,. but.. none of the lashes were clicking with me. My friends used to rave about Huda Beauty all the time, and I honestly didn't think Huda Beauty was all that special back then. After I started working at Sephora, I became much more comfortable with wearing dramatic lashes--- which led me to purchase my first Huda Beauty lashes, Samantha. If you ask me what I think about Huda Beauty now, I would say, she really knows how to make money. 

Right after I purchased these lashes, I decided to pop em' on and went to class with them afterward. If you're a frequent shopper at Sephora, do try out the mini-services they offer! It's a quick 15 minutes complimentary service from a simple winged eyeliner or smokey eye. That's how I was able to doll myself up and apply the lashes right on the spot. No, this is not sponsored--- I simply work at Sephora. 

MY FINAL THOUGHT: The band on these lashes are more stiffer compared to the Samantha lashes. To be honest, they feel like hard plastic. It's an uncomfortable feeling when applying em' on the eyes. After a few hours, my eyes did felt a tad bit heavy. They will appear dramatic with minimum eye makeup but looks great when dolled up! The lashes are full, eye-catching, and easy to adjust on the eyes. I'm not exactly 100% hooked on these lashes yet... I might wear them a couple of more times and see how long these can withstand. So far, I would recommend these to those who are looking to glam up your eyes without the "trying too hard" eyelashes. 

Would I recommend to a friend? Yes. 
Price: $23. 

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