June 13, 2017

HudaBeauty | "Trendsetter" & "Flirt" Liquid Matte Lipstick

If I was stranded on an Island and I could only bring 3 cosmetic products with me, I would definitely pick a lippie first, then a sunscreen and a deodorant stick. Seriously, I love trying new lip products out. Much like the perfect eyebrows, I personally feel like lipsticks can really tie your whole look together. Even if you're going for a very subtle and natural look, a nude or pink undertone lipstick can freshen up your complexion.
Be sure to wear a SPF lip balm before you apply any matte lipstick!
This will be a short review on my new lippies addition (not that I don't already have enough) :
T r e n d s e t t e r
F l i r t
L i q u i d. M a t t e. L i p s t i c k.

I really like the visual attitude of this packaging. It's simple but creative with the lip bitting down on the lipstick and you get to see the actual shade of the lipstick on the packaging as well! It's a transparent, slip-in-and-out type of box. So you won't be able afraid to lose your liquid lipstick!

I decided to switch up the look and went for a cleaner look today with the white background. I love my marble and white fur background but simplicity is the way to go sometimes. Let me know what you guys think!

SWATCHES: The first application was watery. I thought it would be more of a cream-based but I was wrong. It took a little longer than 10 seconds to dry on my wrist.

MY FINAL THOUGHT:  I am wearing the shade "Flirt" and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE this shade. It's everything right now. If you guys have read my previous reviews, I've had trouble finding the perfect brown lip shade because my lip undertone changes it. Which annoys me but I am so glad "Flirt" is TRUE to color and very pigmented as well. Also, I am wearing "Farah" lashes from HudaBeauty as well. 

It's definitely matte but I personally don't find it hydrating at all like what most people said. I've heard people said it's super comfortable, hydrating, and doesn't crease into your lip lines... but I disagree. About 3-4 hours into my day, I can already feel it cracking on my lip and I have to freshen it up with my Glamglow gloss plumper. It's an okay-comfortable feeling... not the best, once again. Would I consider wearing this on a daily basis? Maybe but I am leaning more towards a "no". I love how pigmented the shade is but I'm all about comfort when it comes to my lippie. 

Would I recommend to a friend? Maybe.
Price: $19.


  1. I don´t like brown lipsticks very much but you look amazing! ❀

    ❀ Blog de la Licorne ❀

  2. The brown looks good on you!

  3. This liquid matte lipstick is really awesome. Thanks to share this beautiful liquid matte lipstick. I believe makeup is an important part of women's life and a perfect lipstick gives a great look of hole makeup. I can't imagine a single day without my makeups. I love to use my favorite Liquid Matte Lipstick for my lip.


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