June 23, 2017

Too Cool For School | K-Beauty Summer Kickoff Event

If you follow me on social media, you probably have already seen me rave about my excitement yesterday through numerous snapchats, FB live, and boomerangs on IG! 
I was invited by Too Cool For School for their K-Beauty Summer Kickoff Event in Soho, NYC! The time I attended was 6 pm - 8 pm in which it was closed to the public and only invited guests were allowed in.  
Truthfully speaking, when I saw the e-mail invitation from TCFS, I was surprised. I said to myself, "I'm invited? Me? No way."
 Never in a million years would I have imagined myself attending any of these type of events but I am thankful for TCFS for making it happen for me! Thank you! 

DISCLOSURE: This post is NOT sponsored. I am not paid by TCFS for writing this. Everything is based on my own experience at the event.

The store was not hard to find at all. The cross street is West Houston Street for my fellow New Yorkers! 

The store is relatively small but there's enough space for everyone. I felt extremely bad that I arrived 40 minutes late because I was coming from class. By the time I arrived, I was told the introduction and opening part of the event from blogger, Kimberly Hsieh, was over. On the brighter side, I was told that I am more than welcome to come back anytime for a more intimate tour of the brand story and the products. 

There were refreshments on the table for the guests to munch on while shopping. I wanted some cupcakes but there were no more. Waaaah!

I initially thought TCFS is strictly a Korean skincare line. Working at Sephora, I was only exposed to their cleansing gel, makeup remover wipes, egg sheet masks, Mellow cream, and their body butter. Yesterday, when I walked into the store, I was in complete shock. There were so many products ranging from body care, travel essential sets, 3 in one highlighter/bronzer/blush palettes--- e v e r y t h i n g. There's a sink there too so feel free to swatch all of the lip tints and eyeliners! 

I thought it was a really clever idea to use suitcases as holders for the cosmetics. Thumbs Up Where can I get one?!
By the way, dragon's blood is a real ingredient, guys. When clients come up to me and ask me, "Does Sephora carry Dragon's blood?" I really thought they were joking and was making a reference to Disney's fairy tales about a hero slicing up an evil dragon during his journey to save his princess. But Dragon's blood is a real thing and TCFS has it in their Fresh Gore Sleeping Pack. How cool is that?

The original photo was quite yellow due to the lighting in the store. I added blue hues using IG filter to lessen the yellow hues. I honestly don't even know what a professional photo is suppose to look like but here's my attempt. Bucktooth
In the photo, I am touching up with TCFS Art Class By Rodin Highlighter. It's really shimmery and the texture reminds me of Guerlain Pearl highlighter. Don't worry, the tester brush I was using in the picture was already cleaned by Alex (she helped me at the event). 
I almost added this highlighter into my basket because of the adorable packaging but I had to stop myself before I own a total of 7 highlighters. 

I used all 4 fingers to swatch the previous product so when I had to swatch this, I only had my thumb, haha. I really wish I had more time to go through each products more thoroughly especially this one product where it's a foundation compact and when you slide the bottom part out, there's a primer, concealer, and lip + blush tint.   

Thank you to everyone who tuned into our FB live! While we were live, I accidentally dropped one of the signs and we made a joke to never shop with me because I will break things. I didn't actually break anything tho! Thank you to my girl Charina for hosting the live chat! 

I walked into the event with a simple goal: no more buying skincare, only makeup for today. I walked out with 4 sheet masks, 1 setting spray, 1 beauty blender, and 1 metallic eye shadow stick. What happened to no skincare, right?!
Before we left, TCFS was super kind enough to give each one of us a goodie bag. There was a little note stapled onto my goodie bag which I thought was super thoughtful of them.
P.S: I will be doing a separate review on ALL of the products I purchased at the event ALONG with the goodies. So stay tuned!
Of course, I had to bring my gals with me. If I'm invited to a special event, I have to share it with the ones I adore most. Spread positivity! Heart Thank you Too Cool For School for everything! I look forward to returning because I really want to experiment more with Korean makeup. I love my cat eye and bold eye makeup looks but I want to challenge myself to step out of my comfort zone.
Also, my wallet is crying but my skin will be extremely pleased. 

TCFS Soho store is located on 292 Lafayette Street, New York. It's very easy to find especially since the store is located close to the Supreme store. If you guys are ever in the area, do stop by! Everyone is extremely sweet there! TCFS is also on IG so follow them @toocoolforschool.soho !
Once again, thank you Too Cool For School!
To my readers, thank you for reading!

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