July 7, 2017

Influenster | Maybelline Master Chrome Voxbox

I receieved my FIRST VOXBOX in the mail! In my Cane + Austin review,  I mentioned briefly about Influenster and the idea of what a Voxbox is. So for today's post, I will be reviewing:
M a y b e l l i n e | Master C h r o m e
Which was June's Voxbox theme! 
And along with the review, I will leave details on how I received this free Voxbox from Influenster and the many questions a lot of people seem to have regarding the Influenster platform.  

IN A SHORT PARAGRAPH:  I joined Influenster through a friend's invitation roughly around 3-4 weeks ago. The first few hours after I signed up, I was scanning my favorite products at home left and right and reviewing each products deliberately. I was hooked on receiving badges and hearts from other beauties---- then, I received an e-mail from Influenster about being on a "short list" for the next month's Voxbox. My curiosity led me to fill out a 2-3 questions survey, then I filled in my address, and submitted the survey. Within a week, I received another e-mail saying my Voxbox was on its way.

Before I received this, a few other beauties on Influenster were already raving about this product. I have seen images of the way it looks on other people and I was really amazed! Now, I'm all about Becca highlighters when it comes to that luminous skin glow.

PACKAGING: It's in a plastic packaging with a lid that you pop open and close. I wish Maybelline created this with a mirror. It would be so helpful for those that carries this on-the-go with them! The plastic lid is quite stable--- I used to own another similar product from Maybelline and their plastic lid broke the minute it fell onto the ground. To be completely honest, Maybelline could have done a better job with the packaging. It's not eye catching at all--- you would have easily missed this in the aisle. I get that this is a drugstore brand but with the quality of this highlighter that Maybelline has been promoting... the packaging could have been better.

TO BE NOTED: I have used this a few times before I took the pictures... which is why you can see the particles on the edges of the pan.

The shade that I was given to from Influenster is "100 Molten Gold or Fondu". A really... unique name for a highlighter. Whenever I see the word "fondu", I start craving for the actual fondue.

I thought it would be much more pigmented considering the fact that it's metallic... but the highlight did not intensely show up. I only did two light swatches for this picture... perhaps I should have a done a heavier swatch? The texture is a smooth buttery feeling, not a foil or chalky texture at all. I like that this highlighter is NOT glittery. It definitely gives your skin a nice high-beam glow!


  • Doesn't contain large chunks of glitter 
  • Can definitely beat your highlight to the gods with this! ULTRA shimmery.
  • Can be switch up for multiple looks: subtle/natural glow or blinding/glistening glow. Can also be used on the eyes as a glitter eyeshadow! 
  • Very affordable. A great dupe to A LOT of highlighters.

  • On my fair-yellow undertone skin, this highlighter appears darker and way more golden on my complexion. This would look really gorgeous on my darker complexions beauties because it will add a nice bronzy glow to your makeup. 
  • The packaging. After a couple of buffs, it will become messy because of the fallout all over the compact.
  • More shades are needed. 
  • The plastic lid is quite hard to open for those who has long nails. 
  • By the end of the day, it emphasized my pores. 

FINAL THOUGHT: I love my Becca Champagne Pop + Moonstone highlighters... and I don't think I will be switching over to the Maybelline Master Chrome highlighter. My biggest take away from this product is that it's better to swatch with your finger FIRST then blend it in with a brush. I don't know why but the brush will NOT pick up the product from the compact. As you can already tell, the packaging is a big no-no for me. I was super duper impressed when I first applied this--- by the end of the day, I wanted my makeup remover wipes. It was no longer smooth on my skin--- it just "caked up" on my cheeks (as you can see in the picture below).

I would wear this to the beach because it looks freakin' goregous when the sun hits it. Other than that, I would not use this for an everyday look. It looks off on my complexion because it makes me look like I have a streak of highlight on my cheek no matter how much I try to blend it in with my brush. I'm not going to lie tho, on certain people, it looks amazing. As for me, I will have to pass on this.
Price: $9.99 
Rating: 4/10

As always, thank you for reading! 
You don't always get a Voxbox. For example, if I received this box last month, I will not be receiving a Voxbox this, next, or the following month. It's just the way the platform works to ensure that everyone gets a chance to receive a free Voxbox. There are different Voxboxes: haircare, skincare, makeup, and even FOOD. In my opinion, it's a great platform to review old and new products, share your passion with other beauties, enter contests to win big rewards, and there are so MANY categories to share your thoughts on besides cosmetics. I like Influenster because I'm able to keep track of my least and most favorite products. My biggest suggestion for my readers who are interested in signing up is to STAY ACTIVE. Review, post up pictures, and ask and answer questions. Staying active on Influenster and boosting your impact score allows you a chance to earn a free Voxbox.

I received this product free to try from Influenster for testing purposes. My opinions are completely my own.


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