July 13, 2017

Kicho | Aroha Glow CC Cushion - #23

I'm back with another Korean beauty product review! Last month, I had the privilege to join BNTgirls! Basically, BNTgirls is a group of beauty editors for BNTnews Korea. BNTnews is a Korea-based Fashion, Beauty, and Entertainment magazine in English. Everything you want/need to know on the latest news on your favorite idols and latest beauty trends in Korea is right here on: BNTnews
This is going to be my first review with BNTnews, which I'm SUPER EXCITED about because I am now able to branch out to more Korean products to review for you guys! 
Grab some snacks because this review will be lengthy.

To be honest, this is my first time using and owning a CC cushion compact or any cushion compacts in general. In the past, I have tried Missha SPF 42+ PA+++ BB cream but it was a little too heavy for my liking and the darkest shade (No. 23) was still not dark enough for me. Which is why I mainly stick to wearing foundation. 
To be noted: I received this as part of my July Beauty Box from BNTnews. My opinions are completely my own.

We're all guilty when it comes to splurging our money on the high-priced and luxurious cosmetics. You have been there, I have also been there. But what you might not know is that most of the cosmetics out there contain ingredients that can do us more harm than actually helping our skin.
(기초) K i c h o, the natural cosmetics brand of Dooyeon corporation that has over 50 years of history. Kicho revolves around this idea that the key to long-lasting beautiful skin is to make a cosmetic line with optimal natural ingredients for the skin. 
Kicho not only focuses on botanical ingredients, their whole cosmetic line is cruelty-free as well!

The packaging is so gorgeous! I love the whole floral theme of this. It really draws your attention in with the middle section opening up like a door, and after you withdraw the product from the box, you're exposed to more flowers underneath! I would usually throw out the box after I finish writing a review but.. Kicho makes me want to reserve this box forever.
Kicho - Aroha Glow CC Cushion is a must have powerhouse in your bag because it offers sustainability, coverage, skincare benefits, and moisturizing power all in one compact. This hydrating cushion  compact provides a light to (buildable) medium coverage that leaves skin looking naturally radiant all day long. At the same time, this CC cushion compact corrects skin tone and brightens skin with SPF 50+ PA+++.
The shade that I received in is #23 - Natural Beige (the darkest shade). Now, if you're familiar with Korean cosmetics, you already know that the shade range isn't the best for those who are not on the light-fair complexion range. Keep in mind, Korean products are made for the typical pearl-like complexion gals in Korea.
P.S:  " 2020.05.17 " is the expiration date!

It's a bummer that this CC cushion compact only comes in two shades: #21 and #23. I hope in the near future, they will launch more shades!
For those who are wondering, yes, you can refill this compact! It's not a one time usage.
Main focus: Lanolin, Shea Butter, Rose Water, Peony Extract, and Deep Ocean Water. 
Coming from a skincare background, I'm aware that Lanolin is a wax substance that's extracted from sheep wool. Lanolin is a common emollient in cosmetic products like lip balm and body lotions because it softens and hydrates the skin. Kicho uses Lanolin in mainly all of their cosmetic products and it is 100% natural and no animals were harmed
Peony Extract helps to maintain a bright and even skin tone, Willow Bark is also in the ingredient list to help fade away any hyper-pigmentation, Ginseng Root Extract also helps to tone skin tone, Shea Butter hydrates while promotes collagen production, with Rose Water and Deep Ocean Water to soothe.
All of the ingredients work together to moisturize and brightens the skin which is why Kicho CC Cushion Compact provides a radiant and dewy finish. 

 The cushion is soft on the skin. I only covered the right side with one layer. I personally prefer light-weight coverage so I usually do about 1-2 layers only. 
As you can see, it covers my dark spots and evens out my skin tone really well but it still looks like skin.
I started using this on June 29th... which is approximately 2 weeks ago. I literally have been using this every single day for 2 weeks straight. I live in NYC so it's extremely humid one day, not so humid the next day, and thunderstorms the following day. I wanted to see how well this CC cushion compact can hold up in the humid weather and long hours. Just a reminder, my skin type is combo/oily skin. I'm a little of everything from dry, sensitive but I'm most oily on my t-zone. 

Right off the bat, this CC cushion compact is very dewy but the coverage is good. I feel like this would be great for the cold Winter days because of its moisturizing benefits. I feel like I'm wearing this in the wrong season because by mid-day, I end up looking like a grease ball --- however, I've found a simple solution: use a a primer before or use an oil blotting paper and a makeup refresher mist. You can also use translucent powder to keep it in as well. The oil blotting paper removes excess oil sebum on your skin and the refresher mist helps to revitalize your makeup! 

  1. I really like the fact that shade #23 did make me look like a ghost. In fact, #23 was a good match for my skintone  Thumbs Up
  2. Made my skin appeared more brighter Thumbs Up
  3. Thumbs up for the non-sticky and non-heavy feeling on the skin Thumbs Up
  4. Strong UV protection (SPF 50+ / PA+++) for the Summer Thumbs Up
  5. The first application does appear lighter than my complexion but throughout the day, it becomes more and more natural. Thumbs Up
  1. Does not come with a re-fill. Thumbs Down
  2. The compact gets dirty very easily. Thumbs Down
  3. This cushion transfers easily. If you touch your skin after applying this, your fingers will leave an imprint on your skin. If you use a brush to fix up your brows, etc., it will leave a streak on the skin. Thumbs Down
Sucks that I am not able to buy the sponge applicator separately because the applicator does get dirty quickly if you wear this every day + I cannot find anywhere online to buy the refill pact as this is is still a new product from Kicho Cosmetics.
Overall, I enjoy wearing this CC cushion compact but I would stick to wearing this in the Fall/Winter season. Also, I'm the type of person who does not mind the dewy look at all. If you're extremely oily and acne-prone, I do not recommend this because the coverage is light - (buildable) medium only and acne-prone skin tends to produce a lot of excess oil which will not be compatible with this compact.

Rating: 8/10 
Price: $35 on Kicho Cosmetics
As always, thank you for reading! I hope this review helps! 
A huge thank you to BNTnews for everything! Heart

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