July 30, 2017

Laneige | BB Cushion - Pore Control SPF 50+ PA+++ #21

After my last review on Kicho Aroha Glow CC Cushion (you can read about it here), I knew I had to invest my money in another cushion. I can't believe I am so, so late on these portable cushion compacts while everybody else owns about 20+ of em' already. I didn't think cushion compacts were that big of a deal back then--- I simply viewed cushion compacts as just foundation + skincare mixed in together in a round compact with a sponge applicator. However, I have officially converted to using only cushion compacts now. I still use my foundation here and there when I'm indoor in the morning time and go out at night time. 

One of the reasons why I purchased this was because of Morgan (She's also known as "TheBeautyBreakdown" on Youtube). She did a thorough review of this cushion compact on her channel and I immediately knew I had to get my hands on this. 
If you're a fan of Amore Pacific CC cushion, you're most likely going to like this Laneige BB cushion because Laneige is under the same umbrella brand as Amore Pacific. 

Here's the perfect cushion for the Summer season: 

I guess I can say I purchased this from Memebox? The reason why I said "I guess" because the link they provided on their site directed me to Amazon to buy. I got this for $29.80 from "HQLP" on Amazon.
I figured it would be a good idea to test out a cushion compact that is meant for oily or oily/combo skin type and suitable for the Summer season as well. If you read my last review on Kicho, I mentioned how their CC cushion compact would be a better fit for Fall and Winter. 

"The skin tends to look dull in one hour after applying makeup due to excessive sebum and sweat! The refreshing BB Cushion keeps the skin looking smooth, clean, and matte all day long by controlling excessive sebum while maintaining moisture. More effect two-step oil control system! Semi-matte BB Cushion makes the skin look fresh, feel moisturized, for long hours. " (Taken from the instruction paper that was included with the product)
The minute I took this out of the box, I was completely obsessed with how gorgeous the iridescent gives off! The packaging is a total win for me. To be honest, I took more pictures of the different colors that appeared when I moved in different angles of this compact more than the actual product. 
I'm so happy that this comes with a refill. It definitely saves me quite a bit of money because imagine having to spend another $30 after this compact is finished. I know $30 to some people isn't much... but I would rather save that $30.  

I like how Laneige came out with 8 shades for this BB cushion. As you know, a lot of cushion compacts offers a small range of shades which makes it hard for us neutral/warmer skin tone. I chose the shade #21 - Beige or on some site that I have seen, #21 is "Natural Beige". 
I scared myself at first because I thought the expiration date says "20. 2005. 24." I was like, "what ?!" then after a few seconds I found it says "2020. 05. 24". I was debating between #21 and #23 but I chose #21 instead because I am more tan now since it is Summer. Keep in mind that not every shade will be the same for every cushions. 

The box is all in Korean but don't worry, the instruction sheet is in Korean, English, and Chinese. 
Whoever wrote the English section in the instruction paper.... doesn't have the best English. It seems as if Laneige translated Korean to English from Google translate and copy & paste it onto the instruction. Some parts are fine but there are some parts this like: 
For example: "If it is not stored covered (???), helpful moisturizers  and other ingredients can evaporate to shink the contents (???).  
2nd example: "Please change to the new puff when the shape got changed after use (??)." 

This compact has a two step oil control system which keeps the skin matte and hydrated at the same time. 
The first step is Selective Oil-Balancing Powder controls shine on the skin. The smart powder absorbs excess sebum while maintaining moisture of the skin, this helps to keep the skin anti-shine throughout the day. The 2nd step is Hydro Ion Mineral Water and Pine Needle extract to balance the skin's oil production and keeping the skin fresh.  
This contains: Octinoxate 7%, Titanium Dioxide 4.15%, zinc Oxide 9.8%

Like many other cushion compacts, this also provides a broad spectrum sunscreen of SPF 50+ PA+++. 
Basically, "PA" stands for "Protection Grade of UVA". It's not any different from SPF (Sun Protection Factor), the "PA" is a sunscreen grading usually used in many Asian countries like Japan and South Korea. From my understanding as an Esthetician, PA+ , PA++, or PA+++ is closely associated with the PPD (Persistent Pigment Darkening) test. 
What all of this means is that PA+++ is an equivalent to a PPD of 16 or  higher, in simpler words, it takes you 16 (or greater) times longer for your skin to tan when it is protected
Much like SPF, PA still offers UVA and UVB protection. :eager: by darkmoon3636 
Since I'm still very new to using cushion compacts, I only have my Kicho compact to compare this compact to. The sponge applicator is stiffer and smaller which makes it easier to control but quite hard at the same time because it takes a little longer to finish. This applicator is actually an antimicrobial applicator which is meant to help you create a thin and even layer of coverage. 

This is Laneige exclusive 3D Skin Fit cushion which helps to deliver a new and differentiated experience for anyone who uses this cushion compact. 
"Being strong and elastic, the cell structure of the '3D Skin Fit' allows you to pick up the desired amount of product easily and evenly with the puff. This BB liquid adheres lightly and thinly to your skin allowing you to achieve a transparent makeup look. In addition, the BB liquid does not flow over the edge of the puff even when it is pressed, thus keeping the puff sanitary and clean." (Taken from the instruction paper)

I really like that I don't have to press hard onto the cushion in order for it to dispense a good amount of product. Also, this cushion has an ocean smell--- which I find is refreshing. It's not overpowering at all. 

On my hand, I did a heavy 2nd layer swatch in order for the prodct to show. With one layer, it's very light-weight to the point where it still looks exactly like skin. 
I would say the coverage is light - a semi-medium coverage. The reason why I said semi-medium coverage is because even if you pack on more layers, your skin will appear more evened out rather than appearing like it added coverage. Basically, this BB cushion doesn't focus on coverage.

BY THE WAY! You can cleanse the sponge applicator by doing the same double cleanse step you do for your skin! After you cleanse it, squeeze excess wet into a dried towel and let it dry. :happybounce:

As usual, my skin type is combo/oily (dry cheeks and easily irritated around my cheeks). I do use blotting paper throughout the day because I sweat a lot on my nose. I prefer a dewy finish over matte and I use making setting spray instead of powder to set my makeup in. 

I like this A LOT more than my Kicho Aroha CC cushion. I didn't expect myself to like this BB cushion this much because like I said, I prefer a dewy look. This BB cushion is semi-matte but still gives me that natural dewy glow! 
There is a technology called "Super flex Lasting" behind this BB cushion to increase the makeup's adherence and sustaining power on the skin. When I first applied it onto my skin, it looks a little pale but after I let it sit into my skin, it seems to blend into my complexion naturally.
This BB Cushion will not help with minimizing pores and reducing breakouts
  •  It doesn't oxidize which I am glad because a lot of times, SPF infused can change the color of the BB/CC/Foundation. Thumbs Up 
  • It wraps around the skin really nicely. Although there is a soft blinding powder infused, it doesn't feel like there's any powder at all (this is a plus for me because I don't like the powder feeling). Thumbs Up
  • My skin appeared more brighter and smoother. I can definitely wear this as a "no makeup makeup look" because it feels light weight and thin on the skin. Thumbs Up
  • I noticed I used less blotting paper when I wore this. My skin does not appear shiny and doesn't feel as oily on my T-zone. Thumbs Up
  • 6. This came with a refill and it's affordable Thumbs Up
  • Now, this BB Cushion does not have the best coverage for blemishes since it's suppose to let you achieve a "transparent makeup look". Thumbs Down
  •  By the end of the day, it did separated around my nose area and blemishes. Thumbs Down

Overall, I would recommend this to anyone who has oily/combo skin type or those who has minimum breakouts. This is a very good BB Cushion and I like it even more because it didn't give me any kind of irritations. This cushion has everything that I love: light-weight, high SPF, keeps my skin hydrated, doesn't leave my skin greasy, and does NOT transfer easily! 

Rating: 8.5/10
Price: Sephora carries this for $38 (online). I purchased this on Amazon here
All opinions are completely my own. I was not paid by Laneige or Amazon to write this review. 
As always, thank you for reading! 


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