July 17, 2017

Milk Makeup | Sunshine Skin Tint SPF 30 & Matte Bronzer

The first time I saw the gondola for Milk Makeup at Sephora, I thought it was a Japanese brand. Months later, I found out Milk Makeup was in fact made in the USA. I think it's the white scheme and their overall packaging has a modern hippie with a little retro feel that has people confused on the origin of Milk Makeup. For some odd reason, I would see the gondola every time I clock in for work but I never got a chance to play around with the makeup. Until I attended a training for Milk Makeup hosted by Sephora, that's when I decided to swatch and take home samples of the brand (because I am sensitive)

Lately, I have also been seeing a lot of Youtubers and Instagramers doing reviews on Milk Makeup. Due to the constant exposure of Milk Makeup on my feed, I was motivated to venture out and I brought home two products from Milk Makeup! 
For today, I want to share my own experience on Milk Makeup: 
S u n s h i n e. S k i n. T i n t
Ma t t e. B r o n z e r

WHAT IS IT? A light-weight, preservative free foundation with SPF 30. Sunshine Skin Tint is a sheer tint foundation that nourishes and hydrates skin while providing non-greasy, sheer, buildable natural coverage (medium to full coverage). Sunshine Skin Tint offers long-lasting wearbility and performance. Forumlated for ease of application in a rollerball, this product is easily carried giving you an all day morning glow and is infused with a blend of mandarin, avocado, and grape oils. 
(Written directly from Milk Makeup training sheet that I was given to from the training)

I purchased the Sunshine Skin Tint in the shade "Medium". Before this one, I bought the shade "Sand" but it appeared way too yellow on my complexion so I exchanged it for the "Medium". One of my ex-coworkers told me that with Milk Makeup, you have to buy the opposite shade of what you think you might be. I guess, I agree with her because I really thought I was in the shade "Sand" but I was wrong. 

There are a total of 8 shades available: 

Now, the applicator is a rollerball. Pretty unique, huh? When I first saw the packaging, I was quite afraid because I thought bacteria might hoard the rollerball. According to Milk Makeup, the rollerball is antibacterial (suppose to keep germs at bay) and hypoallergenic, so it's okay to use it over and over again on your skin. 
The proper way to dispense the formula is to continuously click the bottom button WHILE pressing onto the rollerball with your finger! At first, I was constantly clicking the bottom button so many times and nothing would dispense. Like an idiot, I got frustrated thinking it was broken. Thanks to my ex-worker, she taught me the correct way to dispense it!  
P.S: I use this with a beauty blender!

MY THOUGHT ON THIS PRODUCT: This Sunshine Skin Tint gives off a very, very dewy look. If you're oily skin, I do not think you will like this product at all. However, for my dry skin peeps, you're going to enjoy using this because of how hydrating it is with avocado, grapeseed, mandarin, and olive oil! I just want to quickly mention that the entire cosmetic line from Milk Makeup is cruelty free, vegan, and is all formulated without parabens and sulfates! I honestly feel like this product is more of a crossover between tinted moisturizer and BB/CC cream. I wouldn't consider this a foundation, TBH. I do like the fact that this has SPF 30 so for my lazy days, this is perfect when I head out. 
A couple of Youtubers did mentioned that this product oxidizes overtime. For me, it's weird because I noticed this product only oxidizes when I am mostly out in the sun/sweating. If I'm mostly indoor where the sun doesn't hit my skin as much, this product is completely fine. Different body chemistry can cause the product to oxidize. 
Overall, I like the dewy look but this is WAY too dewy for my taste. I do not see myself using this on a daily basis. The coverage is light (which is fine with me) but I do not suggest building the coverage up because you will appear more "oily" (if you're oily/combo skin type). Be careful applying any oil-based  product before wearing this because it will increase the "oily" appearance. Also, too much oil just isn't good anyway. 

A while back, I received a sample of this bronzer from Sephora and I immediately fell in love with the texture. I wanted to purchase the full size but it was out of stock for a while. Thank god it's finally back and now it's mine! 
Besides "Bake", there's also "Baze" (a deeper shade). 

MY FINAL THOUGHT ON THIS PRODUCT:  Here's why I love this product: it's versatile. I can lightly glide this on my skin to create a natural contour or apply it heavily as a bronzer. I use this with my Sephora Collection "Multitasker" brush. I love how creamy the consistency is--- the feeling is so addicting because it's super soft on the skin. It blends in so well with my skin especially when I contour the sides of my nose. It creates a natural shadow on the skin and doesn't leave any harsh lines. Once again, every single products from Milk Makeup is completely cruelty free and vegan! 

To be honest, I like using the matte bronzer with my other foundation better. It doesn't stay on well when I use it with the Sunshine Skin Tint. 

Sunshine Skin Tint Rating : 6/10
Matte Bronzer Rating: 9.5/10

As always, thank you for reading! 

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