July 4, 2017

Son & Park | Beauty Water

 Happy 4th of July, everyone! I can't believe June already ended...
I thought about doing a June "empties" post where I show you guys all of the products that I have finished in the recent months--- but Son & Park Beauty Water deserves its own post. 
I am all about double cleansing--- even before my cleansing oil, I have to make sure I use a makeup wipe to remove the first layer of makeup. Then I follow up with my cleansing oil to break down any remaining traces of makeup, sunscreen, and morning skincare. Afterward, I always end it with my regular cleanser. A good skincare routine starts off first with a clean skin, and that will always be my belief. 
I put a lot of effort into my nighttime skincare routine but I have to admit, I neglect my morning skincare routine a lot. 
Which is why, when I saw this product at Sephora, I knew it would fit perfectly well into my morning routine.

What does it do? Beauty Water is a multi-tasking cleansing water and toner that gently buff away dead skin cells. It's basically a holy grail for any cosmetic lovers because it allows the next steps in your skincare or makeup routine to work much more effectively. 

Son & Park is widely popular in South Korea and it was created by two celebrity makeup artists: Son Dae Sik and Park Tae Yun. The two influential makeup artists created Son & Park because of one goal: to achieve a simple yet a perfect canvas look--- "Simply Perfect". 
In Korea, every women desires for that dewy and luminous skin. It's your typical "no makeup makeup look" that enhances your skin for that fresh and innocent appearance. In which Son & Park has perfected this look on every single celebrity artists. 

I really, really, really enjoyed using this a lot. I like it so much that I bought a 2nd one! Surprisingly, one bottle lasted me about 7 months. 
I honestly love how simple and sleek the packaging is. For the longest time, I thought S&P signature logo was drawn out to look like 5 fingers until I finally realized that it was their signatures combined, haha. 

"It is the smart cleansing liquid based on a natural plant therapy that exfoliates and moisturizes the skin at once. Beauty water can be used daily, morning and evening. It is recommended as the first step for the perfect makeup. It cleans any old dead skin cells to make skin feel sleek and soft. It contains an array of skin-loving ingredients to boost skin's moisture immediately. Beauty water is also an ideal way to refresh skin anytime you want, mid-day or when washing with a cleanser isn't an option. You will instantly feel how young and healthy your skin is after this beauty water. "

Let's break down the ingredients: Willow Bark and Papaya extract helps to remove dead skin cells, Witch Hazel promotes a healthier skin by combating blemishes, controls oiliness, and protects your skin from oxidative stress and free radicals, Orange fruit extract, Bergamot fruit oil, Rose water, and Lavender water adds hydration to your skin and reveals a brighter complexion.
There are quite a lot of ingredients in this list that helps to prevent breakouts and fade discolorations, at the same time, S&P Beauty Water is balanced out with calming and hydrating active ingredients. After all, this is a multi-tasking beauty water. :happybounce:
This Beauty Water has a pH level of 4.5 which means it effectively resets your skin natural pH level after cleansing! 
I was thrilled when I found out that Son & Park is CRUELTY FREE and they promote their brand with HONESTY.  
The way I use it: I have a good army of products for my night time routine but my morning routine needs a lot of attention and love. Like I mentioned earlier, I bought this S & P Beauty Water in hope to rearrange my morning skincare routine. I use this in replacement of my regular cleanser in the morning. I usually rush every morning because I want to steal that extra 5 minutes of sleep, so this cleansing water is perfect for me. 
Every time I put it on, there's a slight tingling sensation (nothing bad). My skin is visibly much more brighter and my essence and moisturizer absorbs a lot more effectively afterward.  I haven't used this as a toner because I am still finishing up my Caudalie Moisturizing Toner. But overall, I'm really enjoying this beauty water as my cleanser in the morning. I did not break out from this product nor did it irritated my skin. Thumbs Up
The only downfall of this product would be the smell for me. I can instantly smell the alcohol and citrus mixed together. 

Any skin type can benefit from this cleansing water. It's one of the few products out there  on the market that fits all skin type and it's true to its audience! 
So thoughtful of them to put the expiration date on the bottom of the bottle! 
Would I recommend this to a friend? Yes. 
Rating: 9.5/10 
Price:  $30 

As always, thank you for reading! 

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