July 24, 2017

Tatcha | Cameilla Cleansing Oil + Water Cream +Aburatorigami Blotting Papers

The other day as I was doing a facial on this lovely client of mine, she asked me: "What is your favorite Skincare brand?" I paused for a long time to think, then I said, "I don't know."
I do have my fair share of current and past brands that I personally enjoy using and would recommend to my friends... but none of em' keeps me at "wow" for a long time. Does that make sense? 
The following night, I separated my skincare products into two groups: "most enjoyable" and "just okay". I thoroughly thought through that question with each products on how it would fit into my "top favorite"--- 
I guess it's because there are so many skincare brands on the market (as well as overly hyped products on social media) that I may have fail to notice a skincare brand that could have been a potential top favorite brand. 

With all that being said, I can confidently say: " T a t c h a is my current top favorite Skincare brand. " 
P.S: All opinions are my own. I am not being paid to write this review. 

I have tried a lot of Tatcha products but today's review will mainly focus on:
BRAND INFO:  Victoria Tsai is the genius behind Tatcha. Tatcha is a Japanese-inspired brand with a touch of Western science. To my surprise, the beauty company is only 8 years old! Tatcha was founded in 2009 when Victoria traveled to Kyoto and instantly felt inspired by the pure beauty and heritage of a modern day Geisha. Victoria Tsai spent weeks researching on Japanese skincare by reading the oldest beauty books written in Japan. She took the philosophy and key facts in the ancient text and transformed it into her Tatcha collection.

THE ART OF GEISHA PURE SKIN: Geisha have been beauty icons for over 300 years. Under their iconic white makeup lies a perfect canvas of pure, baby-soft skin. Over centuries, they finely honed the art of caring for their skin and removing the heaviest of performance makeup, freeing it to breathe. Tatcha discovered the secret to geisha-pure skin and remastered their skincare rituals for today's beauty lovers.

 TATCHA - CAMELLIA CLEANSING OIL is the first cleansing oil I have ever owned and tried in my life. I started using this cleansing oil roughly around 1 1/2 years ago when I started working at Sephora. Before Sephora, I found out about the double-cleanse step from Charolette Cho's book. I didn't know which cleansing oil would be suitable for my skin since the thought of using a cleansing oil was still new to me (at that time). Then one day, I received a deluxe sample size from someone I used to know at Sephora. Fast forward in time, I absolutely love everything about this luxurious bottle. It's so light-weight, melts every residue off, and doesn't leave a greasy/oily feeling afterward.
By the way, I am on my 2nd full size bottle!

I feel bad for hovering samples but I swear I keep them in my drawers for when I have to travel far. I would love to bring every single products with me but the airport is so strict. Sad dummy

If you follow me on IG, you probably have already seen this cleansing oil in my monthly skincare update. To be honest, I have tried exploring other Cleansing Oil like the Lancome Energie De Vie Cleansing Oil and Ren Purity Cleansing Balm but both products broke me out... so I returned back to my trusty old Tatcha Cleansing Oil.

I adore the imprint of an inside of a tree bark on the exterior design. The imprint delivers a nature feeling which I like because it's not your typical usage of grass, green colors, and sunlight to deliver the idea. On the inside, there's a sea blue color box that you slide out and the product is nicely wrapped around a piece of note written by the founder of Tatcha, "Vicky Tsai". I have to give a lot of points to Tatcha for their packaging because it's different, mysterious, and luxurious at the same time.

The two key ingredients in this cleansing oil is Rice Bran Oil and Camellia Japonica Seed Oil. Everyone knows that many oil ingredients in skincare are super hydrating and it helps to balance your oil production, so naturally, these two oils retains moisture while melting off the sunscreen and makeup. Rice Brand Oil is loaded with potent anti-oxidants and essential source of vitamins! Camellia Japonica Seed Oil is rich with oleic acid and Omega 3, 6 and 9 to hydrate and absorb quickly into the skin. In combination with Red Algae, this ingredient helps to bind in water for the skin. My biggest takeaway from this cleansing oil is that it doesn't allow my cleanser to strip away any of my skin's moisture level!
Thumbs up to Tatcha for not using any synthetic fragrance, parabens, mineral oil, etc! Thumbs Up

I drew a heart using Kat Von D Waterproof Ink Tattoo Liner and it instantly melts it right off! The cleansing oil turns into a milky-watery consistency once you add water to it (I'm going to assume this is due to the rice bran). It's super safe to use on the eyes as well.
I have to admit, I do not use this cleansing oil directly onto my face when I have makeup on. I prefer using a makeup wipe to remove the stubborn surface layer of my makeup first, THEN I follow up with this cleansing oil to melt off my sunscreen/morning skincare, remaining residue from the makeup, and pollution from the day before my cleanser.
This cleansing oil retails for $48 which I don't think is a unreasonable price at all. One bottle is 150ml and for someone like me who uses this every single day, my previous bottle lasted me for a little over 6 months.
I HIGHLY recommend this cleansing oil to everyone. You won't regret it!
Price: $48
Rating: 10/10

TATCHA - THE WATER CREAM has been SOLD OUT in almost all of the Sephoras.
I received this lovely gift from a friend of mine, so if you're reading this, thank you! Heart

WHAT IS IT? An oil-free, anti-aging water cream that releases a burst of skin-improving Japanese nutrients, powerful botanical, and optimal hydration for pore-less looking skin.
 I like how thoughtful Tatcha is for including a golden spatula to scoop out the cream!

I am also very fond of Tatcha Moisture Silk Cream and Indigo Soothing Triple Cream! I mostly use the Soothing Triple Cream in the Winter time because my skin becomes incredibly patchy and dry. As for the Tatcha Moisture Silk Cream, I like that it's an in-between consistency where it's not too thick or too light-weight (I also use this as a dupe for a primer). Since it's the Summer time, I adore this moisturizer a lot because it's oil-free and this gives my skin a "smooth out" effect (much like how a primer would smooth out the appearance of pores and fine lines).

Due to the fact that I received this as a gift, I do not have the actual box with me so I screenshot this from Sephora.com.
Dimethicone is used to provide smoothness to the skin which a lot of oily and large pores skin can benefit from. This product may not be suitable for you if you dislike any silicone-based products. Also, if you're more on the drier side and your main concerns are NOT pores and oiliness, then this product is not right for you. Based on the ingredient list, this cream also calms any inflammatory in the skin especially for acne-prone skin. Gold is also higher in the list because it provides anti-aging benefits! Feeling fancy yet?

So far, I have had a great experience using this cream. I have to admit, I'm not a big fan of silicone-based products (which is why I rarely wear primers). So when I do use this cream, I have to make sure to use a cleansing oil in the morning to cleanse my pores from my overnight skincare. I do fluctuate between this and my Shiseido White Lucent Night cream depending on what my skin needs more for that day but I find myself using Tatcha Water Cream more because I can use it both day and night.
Price: $68
Rating: 9/10

TATCHA - ABURATORIGAMI BLOTTING PAPERS is my CULT-favorite beauty product. I never leave my house without these and I always make sure to have an extra one in my room just in case I run out. .I even purchased one for my boyfriend to keep it in his car! I genuinely love this this product. These are soft leaftlets made of 100% natural abaca leaf and gold flakes to help absorb excess oil without disturbing makeup!

Just look at the tiny gold flakes on it! I'm sure a lot of other brands carry blotting papers for a cheaper price and it probably will get the job done just as well as this--- but I especially love this because it does NOT ruin my foundation/CC/BB cream. I love a Dewy finish but by the end of the 4th or 5th hour, I look like a grease ball. With this blotting paper, it will literally only absorb in the excess oily, which means I can continue looking dewy like when I first apply it. On my natural days when I like to rock the no makeup look, I will use this to blot off any oil and then re-apply my sunscreen.
Price: $12
Rating: 10/10

I enjoy using Tatcha products a lot because I know that the results will always remain positive. My skin freakin' loves Tatcha. From what I have noticed, a lot of skincare products seem to work the first few months then your skin becomes so used to the product or the product just isn't producing the result it was suppose to do. My own personal experience with Tatcha has been fabulous and there really isn't anything bad I can say about the brand besides that I wish Tatcha can bump down their price... but that's the business world.

I can definitely see myself continuing to use Tatcha products for a while. And even when I do sway away from Tatcha, I will always return because Tatcha is "an oldie but a goodie".
Once again, this review is PURELY and ENTIRELY my OWN experience. I am not being paid to write this review.

TATCHA is a CRUETLY FREE COSMETIC BRAND. Tatcha funds one day of school for an incredible girl in a developing country for every full size skincare purchase.

As always, thank you so much for reading! Have a wonderful week, everyone!

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