August 1, 2017

Glossier | Generation G "CAKE" & "ZIP Sheer Matte Lipstick

I was in the city yesterday and I stopped by the Glossier showroom in Lafayette, NYC to see what the buzz was all about. When I first heard about Glossier coming to NYC, I thought it was going to be a simple cute walk-in store...turns out the Glossier showroom is all the way up in a penthouse! When you first walk into the place, there will be someone at the entrance to greet you and ask if you're going up to the showroom (Glossier's offices are located below the showroom). You have to take the elevator up to the penthouse and holy cow, it was the most smoothest elevator ride I have ever been in. At one point, I even thought we were stuck in the elevator because I didn't feel it or hear it moving. 

Glossier is a new trend brand that's super in right now for the hot season due to their skincare and makeup. I've read a few articles about Glossier on Influenster (mainly about their skincare) and... I really didn't understand why so many beauty gurus were raving about Glossier. 
So, I decided to venture out to see what the hype is all about. 

When I think of Glossier, it reminds me of Milk Makeup in a way. Both brands are getting a lot of recognition for their packaging, budget-friendly prices, and cool beauty ideas. I did a review on Milk Makeup not too long ago (which you can read about it here.) and let's just say, I wasn't that impressed with the Sunshine Skin Tint that everyone swore by. Milk Makeup targets more towards the playful and hardcore side of cosmetics. Whereas Glossier is your "no makeup makeup" girl-next-door type of brand.  Heart

Glossier is 100% cruelty-free and some of their products are vegan: 
Unlike other cosmetic stores, you cannot simply pick up the products and walk straight to the register to pay. Let's say you would like to buy a lipstick, there will be employees walking around in pink uniforms (the "uniforms" honestly look like pajamas to me) ready to hand you this paper with your desired products circled. You receive your products after you're done shopping at the register. I just wish there was an option to receive a paper receipt and not e-receipt... because... I never received mine. WTF?!
Also, I told her "Mango" but I became "Magi" for the day. That's cool too. 

They include stickers inside a very eco-friendly pink bubble wrap bag. 

I originally wanted to pick up their Priming Moisturizer and Jelly Cleanser... but I stopped myself because I already have a handful of skincare products to try out. Crying
I was able to swatch a lot of their products (thanks to their cotton rounds and alcohol on the table). Glossier's cloud paint caught my attention first--- the reason why I didn't buy it was because when I swatch it on my hand, it appeared too shiny. I wasn't sure how the emollients in the cloud paint would work on top of my dewy face makeup. 
At the end of the day, I am still a skincare hoarder. I would say I am more picky with makeup because it's so easy to buy repetitive makeup products... especially since I have quite a lot of products that are similar to each other. 

From the look of Glossier's ingredient list, it does not seem like they contain any animal-derived ingredients. If you're allergic to dyes, make sure to read their "MAY CONTAIN" part.  

(Left: Zip. Right: Cake)
A very simple black and white packaging. 

I was debating between "Cake" and "Leo" but I settled for "Cake" instead because I needed more nude lippies. Honestly... I have so much pink, red, and orange lippies Crying

There are a total of 6 shades right now in the sheer matte lipstick collection: 

Here are the swatches from 23guilts just for reference: 

These two lipsticks are the first product I ever owned from Glossier. Based on my first experience, I like Glossier a lot as a brand. First off, a lot of points goes to Glossier for being a cruelty-free brand. Secondly, Glossier is a brand that even your sister, mother, and grandmother would love to have in their drawer. Thirdly, I like how Glossier executed a simple, effective, and "straight to the point" collection.
When I said "straight to the point" meaning the packaging and labels are not confusing. When you see the products, you have an immediate idea of what it is. Roll Eyes

As for the sheer matte lipsticks, I enjoy using it. Now, this is not meant to be long-lasting (Glossier did not claim this to be long-lasting/water resistant/or non-transferable) because I overheard another girl asking an employee "will this come off when I eat or drink?" Well.. it's a given with the "sheer" part. 

  • ZIP - I really like this color a lot. It's definitely a Spring and Summer kind of color because it's a bright red/pink. In person, it looks like it really brightens up my whole entire complexion. I feel like this color would add a nice touch to those who likes minimal eye makeup or a flirty date look. It's honestly a very pretty color. I originally did my eye makeup to fit "Cake" but I couldn't resist how gorgeous this color looks on my lip.   
  • Cake - I'm not going to lie... I'm quite disappointed in the color "Cake". The swatches shows that it's more of a peachy coral color, and I was really hoping it would show up on my lip exactly like the swatches... but the color didn't show on my lip & it looks just like I'm wearing a regular lip balm. However, I know that lip products doesn't always look the same on everyone. 
Overall, I love how comfortable it feels on my lip. It will not dry down completely to a matte (if you're wondering). To be honest, it feels just like a regular non-matte lipstick. For the price of $18, it's really not that bad compared to a $30 YSL lipstick that does pretty much the same thing as Glossier - Generation G. I like that it's in a tube and not in a pot because I hate 'digging' my nails into the pot.

I have a feeling that I will go back and check out their skincare products. I heard so many great reviews on their skincare and I am itching to try it all out... - I must resist - 

Rating: 8/10
Price: $18

As always, thank you for reading! 


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