August 18, 2017

Labiotte | Wine Lip Tint & Lipstick { RD01 & RD03 }

Happy Friday everyone! The weekend is just right around the corner. I can't believe Summer is almost over... it honestly felt like yesterday was just the beginning of June. Summer 2017 flew by extremely fast for me... I didn't do anything exciting this Summer except work, work, and work. 

So you know how people say "I would love a glass of wine right now" when they're under stress or very upset about something? Well, you can bring a bottle of wine with you everywhere you go.... on your lip! Although I don't drink wine, I'm more than happy to wear it instead. 
Around a month ago, I was browsing through Yesstyle (an online store that sells a large selection of Asian cosmetic products) and I came across the brand: L a b i o t t e. I was super intrigued by their love for wine especially the packaging! I knew I had to somehow get my hands on their lip products. 

Without further ado, let's jump right into the review

 I collect lip products like there's no tomorrow--- Guys assume that all lipsticks are the same but that's NOT true! Different lip products has different consistency, formula, texture, shades, undertones, etc. By the way, did you know there's such thing as a glitter lip stain? Us girls can simply differentiate lipstick #1 from lipstick #2 because it's a darker red-purple and it's more hydrating compared to our other 297326 red lipsticks. Simple as that. Download Lipstick Emoji

"Labiotte" is pronounced as "La-bi-o-tay"
(correct me if I'm wrong but this is the pronunciation I've been hearing on YT)

• BRAND BACKGROUND: Labiotte is from Seoul, Korea and is under "Tonymoly" --- The brand stands for "Laboratories of Nature". The cosmeceutical brand uses natural botanical ingredients with their own dermatological technology to develop a wide range of safe, clean, and trustful products. Labiotte romances mother nature in a very eco-friendly manner. It's worth to mention that Labiotte is proactive about eco-friendly activies and policies!

• DOES LABIOTTE TEST ON ANIMALS? Very little information on whether Labiotte is cruelty-free or not on the internet. At least not the ones I can read because most information are all in Korean. One thing for sure is that Labiotte does sell in China but let's not jump to conclusion. I have went ahead and sent an email to Labiottoe. I will update this as soon as they respond back!

As you can tell from the title, I will be reviewing 2 lip tints and 1 lipstick:
- RD01 & RD03 {Lip Tint}
- RD01 {Fitting Lipstick}

Does this brand/packaging look familiar to you? If it does, it's probably because Labiotte appeared in the hot Korean drama: "K2".
The actress above is "Song Yoon-ah" who plays the evil stepmother of Yoona (Girl's Generation) in 'K2". Which by the way, this drama had me binging for 3 days straight. If you're looking for a good suspense drama, I highly recommend you to check K2 out Thumbs Up
This entire scene was all about product placement--- besides from the lipstick, Labiotte's cushion compact and wine mascara was also featured!

• PRICE: I purchased this for almost $25 from Labiotte on Amazon. Here is the link if you're interested: click here!
To be noted: The small wine lip tint is a free gift. It's not included in the set. 
If you would like to buy each lippie individually, it costs roughly around $10-$20 (depending on which online store you're buying from).
It comes in this chic black bag which I find adorable because most sites wouldn't include small things like this.

• PACKAGING: One word: gorgeous! Very eye-catching and it's light-weight to carry on the go. +favlove  I would most definitely own every single one of these if it wasn't so pricey.
It looks like a wine bottle and smells EXACTLY like red wine too! This might sound weird but the smell is addicting. The idea behind the wine lip tint was inspired by the lip look after you drink a glass of wine.

• INGREDIENTS:  One of the main active ingredients in both the lip tint and lipstick is Sepivinol (Wine Extract) 

If you're vegan-friendly, look for "Soy Lecithin" instead of "Lecithin" because "Lecithin" is derived from eggs whereas "Soy" is derived from soybean. The velvety and smooth feeling is all thanks to Ammonium Acryloyldimethyltaurate/VP Copolymer (it's one long heck of a name) ! It also helps to stabilize water/oil based formulations. You might find this long ingredient in many anti-aging products! 

A lot of emollient and silicone based ingredients--- none of the ingredients are alarming and does not pose any allergy threat to the skin.

• FUN FACT ABOUT THE LIPSTICK: This is a hybrid cream + powder lipstick with a melting to fitting system! The system is designed to switch the body temperature to 82 degree for a long-lasting wear and prevent lips from cracking or drying!

Right now, there are a total of 6 lip tint. I have included the lip swatches below for reference:

The lipstick collection comes in 2 categories: "fitting" for hydration and "matte" for.... matte.

1. Malbec Burgundy 
A cute pink lip with red undertone to brighten up any warm skintone! I can see myself wearing this on my light makeup days. Also, this lipstick comes with a smart tip applicator to help you blend in the lipstick. 

2. Shiraz Red 
A classic vibrant red will never go out of trend. 

3. Merlot Burgundy 
A medium burgundy color that's perfect for the Fall/Winter look! To be honest, I didn't see the example of this lip color online so when I opened it, I thought it would be more of a purple.

• FINAL THOUGHT: I'm going to be straight up--- I'm not a fan of the whole gradient lip look. Perhaps I'm so used to filling in my entire lip--- some people can rock it, I personally don't find it appealing on me. I read somewhere that after you remove the lip stain, it will leave a stain on your lip. Luckily, that didn't happen to me. Is the lip stain hydrating? It's comfortable to wear but I wouldn't say it's super hydrating for dry lips.

  1. Comfortable Thumbs Up
  2. It's balanced: not too thick or too watery Thumbs Up
  3. Packaging and smell is terrific Thumbs Up
  4. Smart tip applicator Thumbs Up
  5. Ingredient is safe for everyone to use Thumbs Up
1. RD01 - Lip Tint was the most runny. As you can see from the swatches, it dried up weirdly. Whereas RD03 was perfectly fine. Thumbs Down
2. I wish Labiotte's lip products came out with LESS red tones. I get that this is based off red wine extract but I would love to mix and match with PURPLE tones too. Limited options Thumbs Down

I don't more pros than cons to say about Labiotte. Overall, the concept is beautiful. 

[ I am wearing RD03 in this photo! ]

Rating: 10/10 
As always, thank you so much for reading!

Disclaimer: I was not sponsored or paid to write this post. All opinions written are completely my own. Also, if you click on the links, I do not make any kind of commission from it. 


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